Techy Ways To Make Your Oscar Party A Hit!


The Academy Awards are this Sunday hosted by Jimmy Kimmel? Which celebrities will win an Oscar this year? You have to watch to find out! No better way to watch it than by having an Oscar-themed party. Here are few techy ideas to spice up your party!

Send E-Invitations

Nothing is cooler than sending personalize E-Invitations! It shows your guests that you are really putting some thought into the party. Some card background ideas could include a Hollywood star, a Red Carpet, or a classic sparkle gold background. There are plenty of websites that have free Oscar-themed e-invites to choose from. Some of these sites include,, and

Official Oscars Challenge 

This year, the Academy has created the Official Oscars Challenge. All you have to do is login via Facebook and cast your ballot for who you think is going to win Oscar Awards. No party is complete without everyone casting their ballots! To tie in the social media aspect, you can ask your friends on Facebook to cast their ballots as well. So, if you are having an Oscar themed party, ask your friends via Facebook to fill out their ballot prior to the party. That way, their ballot is done beforehand and everyone in the party can see each others ballots. The on party night, you can check and see who at your party had the top ballot! A plus is that you get entered to win a trip to next year’s Academy Awards. How cool!

Make Sure to Have a Large Television

The key to ANY viewing party whether a sports game or awards show is having a large and clear television. Having the wrong tv such as one that is fuzzy or way too small can ruin a party. No host wants that! If you have a large television, great! If you don’t, either go buy a new TV, or rent a TV for the night. Some great stores to purchase a TV include Best Buy, Target, and Walmart. To rent a TV, you can try Rent-A-Center or Aarons. Before doing either of these, make sure you have a clear budget.

Have a Photo Station/Booth

No Oscar party is complete without a Photo Station/Booth. You can rent a booth, if you have the money, or create a DIY Station. Just make a simple red carpet-esque background, have accessories for the guests to put on for photos, and a camera of course. Accessories could include beads, fake oscar awards, hats, boas, and honestly, anything you could imagine. Take it up a notch and ask your guests to dress up! If you do not have a camera, tell your friends they can just snap an Oscar selfie!

Create a Party Hashtag

Nothing is more personalized than creating a hashtag specifically for your party. When thinking of a hashtag, think of whether you want to go more traditional or creative. For a more traditional hashtag, you could do something like “#Oscars89AtAmys” or “#AmysOscarParty2017”. Simple, traditional, straightforward, and most likely will not be taken. For more creative, there are many ways you could go. You could create a hashtag for whatever movie your party is rooting for like La La Land. You could also do something more comical like, “#OscarWinnerBeLike” with a photo or video. My only advice: make sure your hashtag is not being used! Otherwise, it will not be clear what photos are of your party.

Overall, find a reason to throw an Oscar party, small or large! It’s always great to find out a reason to hang out with friends and family. Make sure to cast your Oscars ballot and watch it this Sunday!