Should You Make Your Kid An Instagram Star?

Parent bloggers and Instagrammers are working hard to capitalize on having cute kids. But is it fair to turn your kid into an Instagram star and try to monetize their childhood? What are the long term effects of putting your child on display from a very early age? Does it give your child an advantage later in life or hurt them? Parents should be asking themselves these questions before they start a push to make their kid the next viral Instagram star.

Most parents don’t see any harm in looking for a little fame or attention and maybe some income by using their children to get followers. But at some point your child stops being a child and becomes a brand. One with contracts, and professional photo shoots, and a publicist. How is a child supposed to be a child and learn and grow and play when they are being raised to believe their value is in looking cute and generating income for their parents?

Why the Controversy?

It is a controversial opinion among my mommy blogger friends but I think that turning your kid into an Instagram star is the worst kind of selfish parenting. And it sends the wrong message to kids who grow up thinking that likes and followers and being a social media influencer is what life is all about. These kids are going to grow up spoiled and with an addiction to attention that could get them into trouble later on.

And there’s also the issue of posting tons of photos of your child online. Those photos will never go away. There are some people who go online with dark motives and they target vulnerable children. Do you really want people like that to know your child’s name and all kind of biographical facts about your child and to have thousands of photos of your child that you have posted online? Privacy is important not just to raise your kids with a healthy sense of self but also to keep them safe.

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Just remember to spend time with them to teach them

It’s Totally Normal

There’s nothing wrong with having social media accounts for your kids so that you can share fun pics with family and friends or when you go see an awesome movie. But when you start hiring professional stylists and photographers for your child so that you can more followers and make money off your child’s cuteness that is crossing a line. If you think that having a famous child is going to bring your fulfillment or make you famous too and you’re willing to sacrifice your child’s fleeting development years for that purpose you need to reexamine your parenting priorities.

Give your kids a chance to grow up out of the spotlight and don’t use them to make money for you or to make you famous. That’s not what a parent should do. A parent should set their child up to have a successful future, not turn their childhood into one big marketing campaign that they use to try and make money or get fame. Stop monetizing your kids on social media.