Michael Russell

My girlfriend took this.
Taken by my girlfriend.

Get the best tips and tricks about video filming from AVI! My name is Michael and I’ve been passionate about all forms of photography and videography for years. Fortunately, I’ve been lucky enough to meet a special lady who feels the same way. Her name is Megan and we’ve made it a regular habit to go out and shoot together. She prefers photography, while I like filming. In fact, she took the picture of me that’s featured right on this page. Look at that beautiful sun glare. Pictured with me is my best friend – Smokey the cat. He’s been with me for almost ten years now, and he’s usually the subject of my art.

How I Got Into Video Filming

Taking pictures and videos of Smokey actually led to my interest in cameras. Before smartphones became as sophisticated as they are today, I was fed up with the quality of my camera’s phone. Too often, my pictures would turn out blurry, grainy, or both. After a while, enough was enough. I bought my first DSLR, with money saved from my first retail job, and the rest was history. I quickly filled up my SD cards with photos and videos of Smokey, as well as anything else I could find: wildlife in the park, kids playing outside the local school, and dandelions floating in the breeze.

Years later, and also numerous cameras later, I now do freelance video filming. Just this past year, I’ve recorded several weddings, two proms, and one family reunion. And I do this all on top of my regular, full-time job. For the most part, I’ve been able to balance it all of my work, but there’s always a challenge every now and then. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t hard, exhausting work. But you know what? It’s rewarding. Not only is it fun for me, but I love seeing my clients’ faces light up once I give them their newly edited videos. They’ll be able to hold onto those beautiful memories forever, and I played a part in that! It’s a true honor.

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