Examples of Employee Monitoring Benefits

Many companies are now buying into employee monitoring techniques for their company-issued devices. Employers began to understand the importance of employee monitoring in the productivity of their employees. They also began to engage in employee monitoring for different reasons, such as they can track the performance of their employees, protect the company’s customer information, and other possible security concerns.

When do you begin to consider an employee monitoring system? Begin with the question: “Will employee monitoring help my workforce become productive?” Nowadays, it is hard to know when your employees start their work or if they are working on the tasks given to them during working hours. These problems are present if your employees are working in a separate room from you, and you felt like CCTV is just not enough to monitor them. Getting them to explain why they were taking so much time with their tasks will not only waste both of your time but may also affect your employee’s morale.

Measuring the productivity of your workforce without the monitoring system in place could be very hard, too. It will prompt you to a guessing game, and we all know that guessing will not give us an accurate evaluation of their performance.

Having an employee monitoring software on your company-issued devices will give you peace of mind as well as encouraging your employees to stay focus on their tasks ahead. With the monitoring software, employers can provide a detailed evaluation to their employees, knowing the aspects they need motivation and may improve their performance within the workplace!

How about those workers assigned to the field, and employers couldn’t monitor them through the computer? Using employee monitoring software, employers can track their activities wherever they are. Along with scheduled field supervising, the employee monitoring software can make work easier for the employers. These features are:

  • View incoming and outgoing SMS text messages, call logs, e-mails, and social media.Using employee monitoring software, employers can now view the text messages sent and received and calls made by the employees on their device. Employers can also monitor e-mail communications and social media sites they recently visited.
  • Track the phone through GPS and make sure your employees are focused on their tasks ahead without your supervision. Locate your employees assigned to the field using the GPS tracker of the employee monitoring software.
  • Control the phone camera by remotely taking pictures of their whereabouts. Employers can now take pictures using the device of their employees.

Investing in an employee monitoring software, such as Highster Mobile, is not expensive at all. It may cost you a penny, but it is only for a one-time payment with a limited upgrade. It can also work in all mobile devices’ operating systems, such as Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS.

Making your employees perfectly aware of the employee monitoring software that their employer has will be able to bring the best they can to become productive and trustworthy of the position and the tasks that were assigned.

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The Remote Cell Phone Spy Software and Its Effects to Your Family

Learning how to spy on a cell phone remotely really does have its perks. Unfortunately, many parents are afraid of doing it on their kids because of the negative implications it has, especially when it comes to their own children’s views.

While there are a number of disadvantages to parents using cell phone monitoring apps on their children, the positive ones surely outweigh the bad. Let us find out what these are.

Disadvantages of Cell Phone Spying on Children

  1. It can make children more secretive, especially where parents are concerned. Teens, for example, might leave their phones elsewhere just so they can escape their parents’ monitoring.
  2. It can cause dependence. As opposed to becoming more secretive, children can become quite dependent knowing that their parents will always fish them out of trouble or pick them up when they wander too far.
  3. It can lead to trust issues. Children may feel that their parents cannot trust them and that they are being controlled. They tend to reciprocate the feeling and may sometimes rebel.

Advantages of Cell Phone Spying on Children

  1. It gives you the power to prevent dangerous people and situations from causing harm to your children. Screening messages, checking social media pages, blocking harmful and inappropriate sites and apps are just some of the things that monitoring apps allow you to do that can help keep your children safe.
  2. It can give you peace of mind knowing that your children are doing nothing “bad” on their mobile devices. You know that they are safe and that you can easily protect them when something goes wrong.
  3. It gives your children more freedom because you will be able to monitor and track them remotely, making you a little more relaxed about letting them explore on their own.
  4. It also gives your children peace of mind knowing that you are always there and that you will know when they need your help. For instance, when they get lost, you will be able to track their location down easily.

In a nutshell, cell phone monitoring leads to the safety and security of your family, especially your children. It can protect you and your loved ones from dangerous people and situations. On the other hand, it can also create trust issues between those involved. It can cause gaps in the relationship you have with your children and may push you even farther apart.

But if you have to choose, it would be safe to say you will still choose to use spy apps. After all, when you patiently explain and let your children know your intentions, surely they will understand and allow you to check their mobile devices. And so, the negative effects can be prevented and you get to enjoy the positive ones.

Choose your battle wisely but come fully armed. Know all about Highster Mobile, its features, pros and cons and patiently explain until your children understand your good intentions in using this parenting tool. Visit Highster Mobile now for more information.