Let Technology Spice Your Jog

Many people enjoy a jog in the course of keeping fit. Many electronic companies have come up with ways to help people keep fit. Right from the weights to the dumb bells around the wrists while jogging to tone the arms to the treadmills among many other equipment are meant to help make the fitness regime more interesting while still being effective. With the treadmills for instance, one can monitor the distance covered and even the speed and calories burnt in the exercise. With the advent in technology, it is even easier and fun exercising and monitoring the results. Also, technology has made it possible for the ‘assistants’ to come in small, sometimes wearable and trendy gadgets and even simple applications which are easily downloadable into Android based devices.

A number of smart phones can be very easily transformed into fitness partners with the downloading of an application that can do so much in keeping you company while you take your exercises and even further, help you track your progress. The smart phones can help one track the activities engaged in for the day and how much one has covered and the speed. The data collected also include information on the calories burnt, the heart beat and sometimes suggestions of some other types of exercises one can engage in for more effect. Sometimes GPS tracking can be easily activated should you lose your way while running or jogging. The tracking is made possible by the use of Google Maps on Android devices. The problem with this application was the use of the phone which could be bulky. Thanks to the advancement in technology, the gadgets are becoming smaller but more effective and fun to work with.

Fitbit is a range of smart watches specifically designed to help those interested in a fitness regime achieve their goals. They do this by making the fitness process fun while giving invaluable feedback which an enthusiast can readily use to improve their exercise regime. Alta, Flex 2, Blaze and Surge are among the brands in this range of products. They measure the heartbeat and speed of the jogger giving suggestions on the best speed to use in relation to the heartbeat and distance covered and expected result. The watches also give information on the calories burnt and have inbuilt GPS tracking sensors which will help one follow the path desired. Also, with the help of Google maps, one can get suggestions on the routes to use and how much will be the expected burning of calories. These watches are not just for the road, Fitbit Flex 2 for instance is a model used by swimmers. It is waterproof up to 50 meters and captures even the strokes made by the swimmer. All this data can be easily accessed by downloading it from the gadget though you can still view it on the screen display. However, it is in the ‘ear bud fitness companions’ that the fitness training is getting alive in.

Jabra sport elite is one of the many fitness monitoring companions that are well captured and designed to be used as ear phone buds. You fix them in your ear to record your movement, speed, distance and even the heartbeat and calories burnt. They can then be connected to a PC or Android device to get the information or data gathered during the exercise. One can program the Jabra elite tp track their activities and keep records for later review for instance what one did in the week, the dates and achievements. Aaptiv is an audio fitness application that takes the earphone bud fitness experience a notch higher. Easily downloadable from the internet, this application tracks the activities carried out while working out. There are training regimes starting from the basics to the professional as directed by some reknown sports personalities. These instructions are accompanied by nice music as which makes the daunting task of keeping fit a joy.

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